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Soon to be submitted (11/2014) to Energy for Sustainable Development Journal: Microgasification cookstoves and pellet fuels from waste biomass: A cost and performance comparison with charcoal and natural gas in Tanzania.

Facing food insecurity in Africa: Why, after 30 years of work in organic agriculture, I am promoting the use of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides in small-scale staple crop production. Journal of Agriculture and Human Values. October 2014.  Email me for a copy of this paper. (don  at  donlotter dot net)

African indigenous and traditional vegetables in Tanzania: Production, post-harvest management, and marketing.  Journal of the African Crop Science Society. Vol 22, No. 3, 2014

Article Microbes and Health (unpublished, 2011) 

Maize smut fungus: turning a crop disease into food

Making connections to healthy soils, sustainable agriculture in East Africa.  BioCycle magazine. 2011.

Articles from The New Farm magazine:

Northwest US Organic farm tour 2005
CASE STUDY: Transitioning to organic: Pine Creek Orchards - Lessons learned in a mature organic sector

On the trail of sustainable farming in Mexico and Guatemala 2004
Final reflections on U.S. agriculture before bowling into Baja
Wine, olives, and nopales in Baja California
The Del Cabo Cooperative of Southern Baja keeps 300 farm families busy growing organic crops for export
Agave country and no one can afford to grow it!
Growing corn in Mexico, post NAFTA
Transgenic contamination of Mexican corn adds insult to NAFTA injury
Pulque: Mexico’s unique and vanishing drink
Breeding for horizontal resistance: a ground-breaking agronomic program in crop development at Mexico's agricultural research center
Forest-grown coffee in Oaxaca
Organic farming in Mexico: an overview
The ancianas of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala reflect on 50 years of hardship and struggle

Organic farming in California 2004
The Davis Farmers' Market, thirty years on
2004 "California Conference on Biological Control and Organic Production", UC Berkeley
Conversations with folks in the first US county to ban GM crops
Portrait of a pioneering California organic wine family
Flowers and fine olive oil in California's Central Valley 

2003 Latin America tour
Letter from Highland Guatemala: 26 years later: How has farming changed for one Mayan family?
Out of the ashes of the coffee crash, Costa Rican organic is born
The price, processing and production challenges of growing coffee profitably and sustainably in Guatemala

Summer 2003 Transcontinental Farm Tour: Crossing Canada
When it comes to organized support for CSAs, Canadians have a thing or two to teach us, Eh?
The good life of a small-scale Ontario dairy farmer depends on being part of a dynamic coop
Hemp heaven and hell: A story in two parts
Three generations of cereal farmers in Saskatchewan grow organically on 3000 acres
Small-scale vertical integration ar a roadside fruit stand farm in British Columbia

Washington Tilth Conference November 2003
Microbes: The hot topic at the Washington Tilth Producers' annual conference
Smart Tools for small farms and other gleanings from the Washington Tilth conference
National Organic Program updates and clarifications

Research Update Column in New Farm Magazine 2002-3

Scientific and Agricultural Publications
Hepperly, P., D. Lotter, C. Ziegler, R. Seidel, and C. Reider.  2009. "Compost, Manure, and Synthetic Fertilizer Influence Crop Yields, Soil Properties, Nitrate Leaching and Crop Nutrient Content". Compost Science and Utilization 17(2): 117-126.

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Lotter, D. 2009.  International Journal of the Sociology of Agriculture and Food. Part 1: The Development of a Flawed Enterprise; Part 2: Academic Capitalism and the Loss of Scientific Integrity

Column in Imperial Valley Press 2006, El Centro, California.  The need for change in agricultural subsidies. (Column is on left hand side of page.)

Lotter, D.W., R. Koch, and W. Liebhardt. 2003. The Performance of Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems in an Extreme Climate Year. In Press. Amer. J. Altern. Agric. 21(4), 1-9 Abstract or Full text - Acrobat (pdf)

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