a new approach to environmental education

EarthAware approaches environmental education from the student's personal and family actions. EarthAware links the student to the environment. The well being of forests is directly and quantitatively linked to the student's consumption of paper and wood products. Global warming is related to their energy use, which is quantified and summarized as a CO2 output. The objective of EarthAware is to give the student an ecological context for him/herself.

EarthAware consists of a questionnaire which can be printed out, photocopied, and sent home with students to do with their families. Environmental education becomes a family affair. This is guarenteed to generate familiy participation and discussions. The answers from the questionnaire are then entered by the student into the computer via EarthAware software.

An eight page analysis with a score and a rating is generated, with charts and graphs which students can take home.

The questionnaire can be assigned again later in the school year to see if there are changes in consumption and behavior patterns.

EarthAware's Web links provide a rich learning environment for students. The EarthAware questionnaire will stimulate students to explore new knowledge, and what is more exciting than linking to The Web to do this exploring?

Scores and answer files can be uploaded to the EarthAware web site database for comparison with other schools, districts, and states.